Portugal   26/02/22 - 28/02/22

Scoring Master Portugal South Regional Champion– Vilamoura

Spain   29/04/22 - 02/05/22

Master European Championship - Valencia

Italy   28/05/22 - 29/05/22

Italian Master Nationals - 


Croatia   24/06/22 - 25/06/22

Scoring Master Croatian Nationals - Draga

Spain   23/09/22 - 25/09/22

Nationals - Vigo

Belgium 15/10/22 - 16/10/22

Copa de ron MarlinSpike -



France  29/10/22 - 01/11/22

Echever Memorial Scoring - 

Cazaux Lake (Arcachon)




•Skipper to be at least 45 years of age in the year of the regatta. Combined age of skipper and crew must be at least 80 years in the year of the regatta.

•Skipper and crew shall be SCIRA member in good standing with the Association.

•Boat shall display the SCIRA sticker for the current year.


•It is not necessary to register to participate in the SMES, all skippers who participate in any regatta are included in the Series.

•High point scoring system will be applied for the Series.

•Each skipper will receive points equal to the number of boats he/she beat, plus one point, corrisponding to his/her final place in each event (i.e. in a regatta with 50 boats finished, the winner receives 50 points; the second 49 points and so on).

•When five or more regattas are completed, the Series score will be the sum of all the points of each regattas, discarding the worst (lowest).


In case of a tie, the skipper with the highest score in the event with more entries will prevail.

Prize Giving

• The Prize giving will take place at the end of the last regatta of the Series.



•First place:  T10 Sailing Club will pay the entry fee for the next Master Worlds for the winning team of the SEMS.


•First 5 places: they may choose from all the gifts that are available before holding the draw and in compliance with the limitations set out in point 4.1.2.


• Other prizes to the sailors with the highest number of participations in the Regattas of the circuit at discretions of the organizers. 

•The goal of the SNIPE EUROPEAN MASTER SERIES is to promote Snipe Master Sailing and encourage master Sailors to meet and sail with other fleets in other countries. T10 SAILING CLUB  arranges logistics, transportation, charter, clinics etc . T10 SAILING CLUB is available at all the clubs for providing support at their respective Master regattas.

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•National and international transportation: we take care of the loading and unloading.
It includes all the elements for safe transport; covers, straps...


•In addition to loading and unloading we can carry out the assembly, trimming and disassembly of the boat.

•We have Snipes DB-R1 latest generation 2020/2022 in perfect condition for both charter and purchase.

•We provide all kinds of materials and spare parts on request


•We will carry out Clinics with prestigious Coach in each Regatta for a minimum of 4 boats

CLINIC PRICE 150 €/day
TRANSPORT ( To be consulted by Country)

50% dicount training day

***Insurance and sails not included
***Prices without VAT